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Non-English Support

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If you do not speak English, that is not a problem. We use an interpreter to translate your message.

I haven't received an email back from support within 24 hours. Why?

All emails are personally responded to within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response, please resend your email to ensure that we have received it.

I only used my account once, and now it doesn't work!

Memberships are based on a time subscription, not by usage. If you have a 1 month membership, it will expire 31 days after the account has been set up, whether you use it 100 times or never. If you have any queries regarding this please email

I want to update my contact email address

Please email We will need to know your old and new email addresses.

Are you having troubles with the site? Its not working

Once every week we reboot the servers and during this time the site will not be available. However this only takes a few minutes. Make yourself a coffee and then try it again.

You haven't done an update yet and its overdue

It is rare that an update is not completed by the scheduled time. Please check that your browser is not viewing an older cached version of the page. To do this, go to the URL you want to see, and press CTRL-F5 (hold down CTRL and press F5). The page will reload from the server. If the page still does not show the update then please email

I joined Goddesspost, but I can't access the members areas of or

That is correct. A Goddesspost membership will only give you access to the Archives.