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I was billed twice. I want a refund for the second charge.

Please email and let us know what date(s) your card was billed. We will investigate and take appropriate action.

Are there any extra hidden charges on top of the normal membership fees?

No there is not. All fees are mentioned at the time of joining. However, please note that if you have selected automatic re-bill for your account you will be re-billed monthly. Rebilling will continue each month until you contact to change your account status. Note: you must contact us at least 2 days prior to your renewal date to avoid re-billing.

I didn't use my membership for a whole month but was still billed.

Memberships are based on a time subscription, not by usage. For example, if you have a 3 day membership, it will expire 72 hours after the account has been set up, whether you use it 10 times or never. If your account is still active, but your password doesn't work then please email