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How do I cancel my account / stop the automatic re-billing at the end of the current billing period?

If your account is going to expire, you do not need to do anything to cancel your account. If your account is due to be automatically re-billed you must contact at least 2 days prior to your renewal date to avoid automatic re-billing, and so we can cancel your account.

I do not wish to receive any more email from you

We understand that some people share their email address with their family/wives/girlfriends, and do not want to receive email from us. We recommend that you set up a new email address at Please contact with your new alternate email address and we will update our records.

A minor has accessed this site - Please cancel my subscription

You can have your password changed by sending an email to with the details of your changed request.
Please see the previous question regarding canceling your account.

How do I get a refund?

We can offer you a refund if your account has been double-billed to remove the second charge. Please email if you have a billing enquiry.

This site is not what I expected. Please cancel my account and give me a refund

We give all visitors dozens of free samples to view, so that they can see what we have to offer. Further, we allow all visitors to view a thumbnail version of every photo in every gallery. If you did not like the free samples and thumbnails, why did you join? This does not warrant a refund.

How do I contact

There are 2 contacts for - general enquiries, account renewals and customer support. - site administration, technical queries.